• Pernille Schioldan Andersen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
Nordic Council of Minsters is an organization in which employees only can be employed for a maximum of 8 years in total. This contract regulation is also the cause of a 20% annual employee exchange, meaning a lot of employees are leaving the organization each year and a lot of new employees are entering the organization each year. This causes a big exchange of information but could also potentially be a risk of a massive brain drain if knowledge sharing is not maintained properly.
The purpose of this assignment is to investigate what initiatives Nordic Council of Ministers have taken in order to prevent knowledge from leaving the organization with the employees. The perspective of the investigation is from a user perspective, e.g. the perspectives of the employees. A sub-department in Nordic Council of Ministers consisting of four employees was chosen for interviews along with an employee from the HR department.
The study involves examining which systems are available to the employees for knowledge sharing and how the employees evaluate these systems; do they serve the employees’ needs and demands, or can or should something be improved? It also involves exploring what role the HR department plays in aiding employees share their knowledge so it may assist the future employees and investigating the initiatives of the HR department. It will then focus on which experiences the employees have had with these initiatives and how they may be evaluated or could be potentially developed and improved.
The main intention of the examination is to analyze the employees’ experiences of knowledge sharing and the available knowledge sharing systems at Nordic Council of Ministers in relation to when employees are being introduced to their position, as well as what options are given to the former employee in order to transfer knowledge to the new employee. It is also to analyze how knowledge sharing is managed in the organization and how the employees perceive knowledge sharing in general in the organization. In that way, it will be evaluated how the systems for knowledge sharing are functioning as from employees’ perspectives as well as evaluating the initiatives for knowledge sharing by the HR department.
Udgivelsesdato31 jul. 2017


  • videndeling, medarbejderudskiftning, stillingsoverdragelse, medarbejdermanualer