• Esther Angulo Jordà
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
Spotify and Apple Music are two music streaming services extremely popular. They have the same kind of content, but they coexist together in the music market, and also with many other music services.
The purpose of this study was to understand in depth Spotify and Apple Music focusing in their users, content and context. The heuristic evaluation by Nielsen (1995) was the chosen method to obtain insights of Spotify and Apple Music. Between the theory and the insights from the heuristic evaluation it has been possible to review the three commented aspects. After reviewing Spotify and Apple Music with the 10 heuristics, it is discussed the findings with the theory presented previously. Some of the theories presented are about generations, user needs, business models, recommender systems, personalisation and berrypicking.
Finally, some recommendations of improvement are suggested for both music streaming services, having in consideration their users, content and context.
Udgivelsesdato24 jul. 2017
Antal sider72