• Rainer Mesi
Master Uddannelsen, Master Uddannelsen
This study was undertaken to evaluate the usability of popular contemporary CUIs and to validate the notion that these interfaces are more efficient and pleasurable for users to use. It was also hoped that the study would produce insights into how to design better CUIs. Exploratory diary studies were conducted to gather data and to test this hypothesis. A small group of users was asked to use a CUI for 7 days. A Usability experiment was conducted based on the results of the diary studies. Two groups of users were selected for an experiment measuring task performance, time performance, and user satisfaction. Group was asked to complete tasks using several CUI’s (Facebook Messenger Bots). Group 2 will be asked to complete same tasks using a traditional mobile interface (dedicated apps). The tasks would be completed under pressure to simulate real-life mobile use scenarios (usually on the move, between other tasks, quick searches & actions). Participant performance behavior and the number of usability issues discovered for each group was be analyzed and conclusions drawn as to the usability of mobile CUI’s. The hypothesis of this study - that CUIs are more efficient than GUIs was disproved. The experiments revealed that CUIs were not perceived as efficient by the participants and performed worse than the GUIs in task timing experiments.
Udgivelsesdato5 maj 2017
Antal sider55


  • usability, UX, user interface, CUI, conversational user interface, chatbot, Messenger bot