• Laura Petrignano
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis aims to analyze the role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in everyday life
purchasing and transactional behaviors. This aim will be addressed through the examination
of the impact of AI on popular purchasing systems as e-commerce platforms. Two different
understandings of AI will be described: AI as a creation of an autonomous intelligent agent,
and AI as a manipulator of data quantities. Further, these perspectives will be investigated
through two different systems: chatbots and AI-based recommendation systems. The goal is
to gauge how they are perceived by customers purchasing online. This interdisciplinary
research topic aims to address the complexity of information behaviour when purchasing
online, and how these systems can answer customer needs. Combined with the relevant
theories in the fields, a mixed methods approach will be utilized, combining a questionnaire
and a focus group to analyze and discuss user experience.