• Bjørn Christian Viinholt Nielsen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
The thesis explores the advantages and limitations of supplementary grey literature searches on Google Scholar (GS) for Campbell systematic reviews. The use of GS has been greatly debated within systematic review methodology. The analysis is in two parts. First, the thesis documents the current grey literature search-practice and use in Campbell reviews. Second, the thesis develops an analytical design in which searches on GS are compared to searches based on already existing Campbell reviews. The thesis finds that GS can provide considerable amounts of unique grey literature. It is proposed that using GS for grey literature searches has considerable potential for Campbell-reviews. In the discussion, the thesis argues that the current understanding of what constitutes a literature search as systematic in evidence-based practice is not applicable to grey literature searches and grey information resources. The thesis proposes that search-documentation should be the primary constitutive aspect of a systematic search. By raising the methodic quality of search-documentation, grey literature searches could be considered as systematic. As a result, the thesis proposes that developing new documentation models for grey searches and information resources is an important task in Campbell review methodology. Finally, the thesis develops and presents an easy-to-use documentation model for GS. The documentation model has practical applications for future grey literature searches on GS in Campbell reviews. Development of documentation models for other grey information resources should be done in order to enhance the systematic quality of grey literature searches and the validity of Campbell reviews in general.
Udgivelsesdato31 jan. 2017
Antal sider68
Udgivende institutionIVA - Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi


  • Systematisk-review-metode, Systematisk litteratursøgning, Google Scholar, Grå litteratur