• Pernille Gaardsted Rasmussen
  • Lotte Hansen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis explores student’s behavior at Aalborg University Library with the purpose of discovering how Aalborg University Library can enhance the physical space based on the student’s needs and wishes. The behavior is examined through the use of three different methods; the observational method seating sweeps, questionnaire and interview. The methods are triangulated in order to look at behavior from different perspectives and not only examine what the students are doing at the library, but also why. The theoretical foundation of this thesis is the cognitive viewpoint, and therefore the focus is on the user’s interaction with the system (the library). Two different branches of the library are studied; Langagervej and Strandvejen, at the beginning and end of a semester; March and May. This is done to see whether there is a difference between the use of the two branches in relation to how far along the students are in their education and at a specific time during a semester.
It is concluded that Langagervej is used for a broader variation of activities compared to Strandvejen, and more people are studying alone at Langagervej. At both branches there are students from 2nd to 10th semester. However, there are more 2nd semester students at Strandvejen. Therefore the hypothesis that more bachelor students use Strandvejen than Langagervej is not completely confirmed. A big difference is seen in the amount of people present in the two different months, and also in which activities they are involved in. There are twice as many students observed in May and more writing projects, while in March they are reading, finding literature and spending less time at the library.
It is argued that Langagervej fulfills the student’s needs, but that there is room for improvement at Strandvejen. More specifically, different areas of Strandvejen would benefit from being targeted at different activities.
Udgivelsesdato8 aug. 2014
Antal sider202


  • Seating sweeps, Aalborg Universitetsbibliotek, biblioteksindretning, universitetsbiblioteker