• Lea Anna Petersen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
It is the overall aim of this master thesis to analyze and discuss the linguistic aesthetics in sports journalism. In order to do this, the thesis focuses on four different sporting events (a football match, a handball match, a cycling race and a Formula 1 race) and how these events are being treated in five specific Danish newspapers. The newspapers are: Politiken, Berlingske, Jyllands-Posten, Ekstra Bladet and BT. In correspondence with the aforementioned, the thesis investigates articles from the five newspapers websites. From the total number of articles collected, the thesis further examines 18 of these.

The hypothesis assumes that there is a great potential to tell some vivid, sensuous and aesthetic stories about various sporting events in journalism about sports. However, it is more unclear whether or not the five newspapers manage to exploit this potential.

The thesis uses quantitative methods including document analysis and semi-structured interviews. Also, it uses a combination of different theories in order to analyze and discuss the overall question including phenomenology, theories about aesthetic experience and knowledge and the use of language in journalism and fiction. In correspondence with the aforementioned, the thesis shows that according to the theories the best way to write a vivid and sensuous article about a sporting event and to avoid clichés in the text, is to be present at the event. However, it can not be concluded whether or not the journalists behind the articles actually were present during sporting events. The thesis also concludes that the experiences and sensations are being mediated in the articles with the help of several linguistic tools. However, these linguistic tools are not being used equally in all the articles.
Udgivelsesdato29 jul. 2016


  • Sport, kroppens fænomenologi, den levede krop, æstetisk viden, journalistik, sprog, sproglige virkemidler, kultur, kropslige oplevelser, sansninger