• Pernille Thoustrup Jensen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis deals with the social learning potential in fan fiction. The social learning potential in fan fiction is not just a learning potential that covers the traditional literacies, but it also includes the forming of one or more identities and how a fan can staging him- or herself as a fan. It can a problem if this potential is somehow underestimated, because that could become a problem not just only for the fans and fan fiction writers, but also for the community that they live in. Fan fiction and fan culture is phenomena that especially children and adolescents have an interest for and use for their own personal pleasures. This thesis will therefore investigate different aspect of fan culture, fan fiction and learning. The thesis will start with an introduction to why I have chosen this subject and why, and what the problem is. After this various aspect concerning fan culture, fan fiction and learning will be introduced.
The analysis will concentrate on three different approaches to fan fiction. The first is an analysis and a media analysis of the website FanFiction.Net, which is a website where fan fiction writers can upload their fan fiction, communicate and participate with other fans and writers and also use beta readers to improve their fan fiction. The second approach is an analysis of the case about Heather Lawver and her website The Daily Prophet, who inspires their members either to learn how read or write or improve their existing skills. The third approach is the co-operation between to fan fiction writers, Tiana and Jandalf, where they write their fan fiction together, and thereby help each other to become better writhers. After that I will discuss how the social learning potential in fan fiction can encourage the pleasure of reading and writing.
Udgivelsesdato3 feb. 2014
Antal sider76
Udgivende institutionDet Informationsvidenskabelig Akademi


  • Fanfiktion, Fankultur, Deltagelseskultur, Identitet, Iscenesættelse, Læring, Det sociale læringspotentiale, Læse- og skrivelyst