• Rasmus Riiskjær
Erhvervsrelaterede projekt, Bibliotekar DB

This report investigates different aspects of three different projects supported by The Agency for Culture and Palaces (Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen). The examined projects revolve around production of culture (i.e. writing and production of content to social media) situated in and organized by a total of 9 public libraries in 9 different municipalities in Denmark. The effects, acknowledgments and sustainability of the different and experimenting projects will be analyzed and compared, so new knowledge of the emerging new field of work in librarianship is gained and better can be understood and communicated to librarians who seek to implement such activities in their work. A survey has been used as the main methodological tool for examining the phenomenon of cultural production in the public libraries. A list of appendices is supplying this report which contains an evaluation report, the survey results, descriptions of the projects in question, two research interviews with project leaders from two different public libraries in Odense and Hillerød and a document describing the product provided in this investigation. The results will show that the projects experiences and acknowledgements as seen from the librarian's point of view differ, but also the rising interest and willingness among librarians to implement further work and resources in the field of cultural production, especially in the form of creative writing classes, is growing and bearing witness of a current development in the cultural aspects of public libraries in Denmark.
Udgivelsesdato2 jun. 2017
Antal sider19
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerKøbenhavns Hovedbibliotek
specialkonsulent Mikkel Christoffersen c45c@kff.kk.dk


  • creative writing, public libraries, librarianship, cultural production, Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, Agency of culture and palaces, project evaluation, 2016-2017, emerging field, survey analysis, research interviews