• Mathias Lyngs
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
The theatres, that once were institutions of debate and socialization, have turned into auditoriums of silence, where the audience sit quietly in the dark and leave the building with a privatized experi- ence. This is the main argument of Lynne Connor in her article ”In and Out of the Dark”, and this is what inspired me to research into two of Connor’s main concepts: audience development and audience enrichment. During my research, I further added the concept of audience involvement. In this master thesis I seek to answer why audience enriching and audience involving initiatives in Danish theatres might contribute to an empowered audience development. I start defining my three main concepts through three theoretical chapters. In the first chapter I discuss how cultural policy affects the strategies of the cultural institutions, and how audience development has been used in Denmark throughout the last two decades. In the second chapter I seek to define the concept of aesthetic experience as well as discussing how enriching initiatives and a more expressive media- tion and cultural policy, can help improve the aesthetic theatre experience of users and non-users. During the third chapter I define the concept of audience involvement, and seek to answers how the involvement methods of Nina Simon and few other theorists can help the institutions develop audience involving initiatives. After the theoretical part, I bring a short institution analysis of Odense Teater, before presenting my qualitative and quantitative researches into the audiences of Odense Teater. Based on 515 answers to my questionnaire, the quantitative research investigates whether the audience is interested in more enriching and involving initiatives. The results showed, that 17,9% of the respondents would definitely participate in audience involving initiatives, while 38,1% didn’t know whether they would or not. This shows that there is a small interest in audience involving initiatives at Odense Teater, though the percentage is smaller than anticipated. My qualitative research was an actual theatre talk with a small group of 8 particpants. The theatre talk showed out to be a success, as the participants felt that it enriched their experience and understanding of the theatre production. Based on these findings from both of the researches, I would advice Odense Teater to try out some audience enriching and involving activities, to get a feeling of whether this could be a success leading to better audience development. In general, my findings of this master thesis showed, that society has changed a lot over the past decades into a more involving customer based society, where the forming of identity is more important than ever. Therefore it is fundamental that cultural institutions like theatres start to acknowledge the audience as individuals and seek out to redefine and rediscover their own role in the new society. By adding enriching and involving initiatives to the existing audience development, the theatres stand a better chance at attracting new audiences and maintaining the existing audiences.
Udgivelsesdato30 jul. 2017
Udgivende institutionKøbenhavns Universitet


  • Publikumsudvikling, Publikumsberigelse, Publikumsinddragelse, Teatersamtale, Publikum, Lynne Connor