• Elizabeth Kirkegaard
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
Volunteer-run libraries - librarian for pleasure or out of distress?
The purpose of this Master thesis is to study volunteer-run libraries in Denmark. Use of volunteers is becoming more and more common in the Danish public libraries, but the focus in this thesis is on volunteers who start their own library ie. community-led or volunteer-run libraries. The extent of volunteer-run libraries has not been studied before in a Danish context.

While the inclusion of volunteers in the public library is seen as community-involvment, user participation or empowerment of the citizens, volunteer-run libraries most often stem from closures and cuts in the local public library system. The thesis discusses if volunteer-run libraries lead to a lack of consistency in the public library service and which motives the volunteers have in volunteering as a librarian. This is studied through interviews with volunteers from two libraries and a study of the extent and numbers of volunteer-run libraries in Denmark.

The conclusion is that the volunteers are involved mainly because they are concerned about the local community, but at the same time only want to be involved as long as the work is uncoerced and enjoyable to a certain extent. The “serious leisure perspective” by Robert A. Stebbins is used to describe the motivation of the volunteers, along with the studies of Ulla Habermann on motives for voluntarism.
Udgivelsesdato1 nov. 2013
Antal sider58


  • frivillige, bogcaféer, bogcafé, bibliotekar, frivilligt arbejde, , biblioteksbetjening, lokalbiblioteker, græsrodsbiblioteker, frivillighed, frivillige bibliotekarer, biblioteker, aktivt medborgerskab