Midt i en magtdiskurs?

Studenteropgave: Speciale

  • Vibeke Börninck
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
As the title of this study “In the middle of a power discourse?” indicates, the focus of this master thesis is the controlling influence of power. The study attempts to uncover if the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media (DALM) controls the development of public community libraries in regards to the regula-tion and distribution of funding for development projects. The DALM is an agency under the Ministry of Culture and the central government organ for libraries and media. In the Danish public library sy-stem there is a tradition for independent development projects and many of the projects are financed through subsidy schemes administrated by the DALM. According to the DALM, projects financed through such schemes have to follow the direction established a priori by the Ministry for Culture. Through the years DALM have distributed the majority of development funds to the same few munici-pal library services which have proved to be effective. The intention of this distribution policy is that the municipal library services which develop and grow will encompass and inspire the static services. This way, the funds are beneficial to all. Jens Thorhauge, the Director of DALM, refers to the progres-sive libraries as “lighthouses”, thus the distribution policy is colloquially called “The Lighthouse Model”.
Based on an intensive interview process, a comparative study of DALM’s and representatives of 9 municipal library services communication about the development funds is undertaken. All the represen-tatives are employed in “lighthouse” libraries. Norman Fairclough’s critical discourse theory is used to identify within six themes both parties’ enouncements of development funding: the application process, areas in need of development, the project bank, diffusion of development, the Lighthouse model and of course the development fund itself. Through the discourse analysis differences in communication with-in both parties is identified and observations supported by an investigation of the transitivity and moda-lity of their dialogue. This enables the comparison of the degree of inter-discourse between the two par-ties. Finally, by relating the results of the discourse analysis to established social practice within the municipal library system, Nanna Kann-Christensens “librarian logic” and A. Giddens theory of struc-ture and the individual is discussed. The results of the analysis show, that DALM appear to control the development of public libraries. It cannot be concluded that there is an explicit power struggle between the two parties for the agenda of the development fund. However, the large amount of variation in the orders of discourse found in the comparison study indicates that the interviewed representatives are fighting a silent battle for control over the funds.
Udgivelsesdato17 jun. 2010
Antal sider75
Udgivende institutionIVA - København


  • biblioteksudvikling, Udviklingspuljen, Diskursanalyse, Fairclough, udviklingsprojekter, Styrelsen for Bibliotek og Medier, Fyrtårnsbiblioteker