• Carolin Rau
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
Purpose: The purpose of the master´s thesis is to examine why common female actors adopt and possibly abandon health-related PI systems, i.e. systems that facilitate the collection of and reflection on personal health information, from a social and everyday life perspective and to conceptualise adoption of and discontinuance with these systems.
Approach: The research is grounded in a theoretical framework consisting of concepts of Rogers´ innovation diffusion theory, Savolainen´s everyday life information seeking model as well as Goffman´s performative approach and makes use of qualitative data collected from nine semi-structured interviews with common female actors who previously used or currently use at least one health-related PI system.
Findings: The research results show that a female actor´s decision to adopt or discontinue with health-related PI systems is intertwined with her social and everyday life context on four levels: self-conception, social interactions, social class and social system. Actors adopt these systems because of needs or problems, the adoption of a related activity, a replacement by a PI system that better fit their current life situations or a basic interest in monitoring their bodily functions. Discontinuance emerged as rejection of a particular health-related PI system or of PI systems for a particular health concern due to reasons of replacement by other PI systems, satisfied needs or solved problems, changing life situations, self-protection in relation to health, maintaining a positive self-conception or managing impressions on other actors. Instead of discontinuing with health-related PI systems as a class of systems, actors seem more likely to reinvent these systems in the course of using them in order to make them fit their changing social and everyday life contexts.
Value: The master´s thesis provides an insight into the social and everyday life context that causes common female actors to adopt, reinvent and abandon health-related PI systems. Thereby, it offers an alternative perspective to the prevailing technology-focused perspective on the concepts of adoption of and discontinuance with health-related PI systems and points to the significance of reinvention as a third concept.
Udgivelsesdato31 jan. 2017
Antal sider229