Louisiana - en moderne klassiker

Studenteropgave: Speciale

  • Mette Christensen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis contains an examination of the content and the cultural communication in the exhibitions at
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and in Louisiana Revy. Theories about museums in the present form the
basis of the analysis of the cultural communication. E. Hooper-Greenhill, G. Hein, O. Strandgaard and C.
Mordhorst are involved. On the basis of K. Himmelstrup, D. Skot-Hansen and J. Stigel contemporary cultural
communication is explained. Documents published by the Danish Ministry of Culture are used. Further
knowledge about Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is explained. A brief account of the history of Louisiana
Museum of Modern Art is included. Subsequent the focus is on the cultural communication and the
exhibitions at the museum. The analysis constitutes the largest part of this thesis. It is divided in two parts.
At first a selection of Louisiana’s exhibitions are analyzed. Afterwards selected numbers of Louisiana Revy
are analyzed. The perspective of both analyzes is historical. The entire period from the founding of
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to the present is included. A documentary and a visual method are
mainly used in the analysis of the exhibitions. Further follows a qualitative content analysis of Louisiana
Revy. The content analysis is supplemented with an analysis of readability. Furthermore it is argued, how
Louisiana is a pioneer museum. Within the conclusion the results of the examination are discussed.
Udgivelsesdato3 aug. 2015
Antal sider74


  • Louisiana, museumsformidling, udstillinger, Louisiana Revy, kulturpolitik, kulturdebat