• Nanna Hansen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
In this thesis, I examine if culture can be the answer in turning the negative development in remote districts around. I have chosen the municipality of Frederikshavn as my case. In this study, I interview a culture consultant from the municipality and five culture institutions. This thesis is built around the answers they provide. I use Dorte Skot-Hansen and her theory concerning culture rationales to place the answers I got from the municipality and institutions into perspective. I use Dorte Skot-Hansens theory to analyze which role culture can play, in turning the development around in remote districts. Especially two rationales are in focus in this study, they are: Economic growth and social empowerment. I conclude that these two rationales can change the development if they are used right. Furthermore, this study analyzes which differences there are between the institutions and the municipality. I conclude that they have different focus points. I also conclude that the municipality with benefit could use the institutions more in creating an attractive municipality. Lastly, I make a comparison to the municipality of Aalborg and their project “Kultur på recept”. I also compare the results from this study with new tendencies like including the citizens in the development phases and making them creative and co-creating.
Antal sider708