• Kathrine Bach Pachniuk
6. sem, Bachelor i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab
This paper investigates the uses of the social network Facebook and how individual users shares and defines their identity towards their Facebook-friends. This analysis is based on theory and a survey shared on Facebook as an event and had 370 completed responses from friends and friends’ friends.
The survey showed some tendencies in what Facebook-users share and how their view and use the options for the promotion of self. The results are then analysed and discussed using the theoretical basis and certain relevant rapports and articles.
The results and analysis showed that most respondents do use Facebook as a tool for self-promotion but mostly in a social context. The uses for Facebook as a professional tool are widely overlooked by Danish users.
Udgivelsesdato25 maj 2011
Antal sider57


  • facebook, sociale medier, kommunikation