• Susanne Thorsted Münster
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis compares and analyses the core elements of information science and records management to find common areas of knowledge. This is done in order to see what information science can bring to the discipline records management. The analysis shows that three out of five core elements in records management can draw their knowledge from information science.

With a focus on metadata a case study was subsequently performed with a large Danish company in order to illustrate how a records management system can be applied. After performing two interviews and three observations the study showed a records management system that meets the company’s basic requirements yet has difficulties in performing on other key points such as system performance, good overview, communication on projects, user friendly search options and more. These flaws are in many ways resolved and sustained by the workarounds of record managers.
Udgivelsesdato31 jan. 2017
Antal sider75


  • Dokumenthåndtering, Records management, Informationsvidenskab, Metadata, Systemdesign, Informationssøgning, Informationsarkitektur, Information management, Records management system