• Josef Jackson
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
In this thesis, I examine the information needs of users of digital archives containing historical sound and audiovisual broadcasts. In order to examine this, I have conducted interviews with 10 researchers who has worked with either Mediestream or LARM.fm. Mediestream and LARM.fm are two Danish digital archives primarily consisting of radio- and TV-broadcasts.

The interviewees come from various scientific fields, and the interviews have been conducted in order to examine how they search and retrieve information in digital sound- and audiovisual archives, as well as how they evaluate the relevance of the search results. I also examine how well the metadata currently available in Mediestream and LARM.fm supports the information need of the users. Furthermore, I examine possible solutions to further enhance metadata in digital sound- and audiovisual archives, based on the actual information needs of the users.

The analysis of my own interviews coupled with existing research on the topic of indexing digital sound- and audiovisual material, show that the users of sound- and audiovisual archives are primarily interested in known-items. Furthermore I identify that though most users are interested in what the documents are about, there are many researchers who are not interested in the aboutness of the documents. Instead, they focus on other aspects of the content of the documents. These aspects concern a variety of diverse topics, such as pronunciation, details of the recording, the use of specific technology and voice aesthetics.

The information needs of all users of sound- and audiovisual archives are best supported by having as much descriptive metadata as possible. This applies even though the specific information needs of the users may vary greatly. A combination of automatic and manual indexing would be preferable in order to support the information needs of the users to the fullest.
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  • Indeksering, Lyd, Radio, TV, Film, Arkiver