• Heidi Lindberg Jensen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This paper examines the challenges in understanding the methods of socio-anthropology. The study includes three qualitative interviews with socio-anthropologists, working in the interdisciplinary business-anthropological field. These individuals chose to work in the consulting industry, instead of the academic research community. From a phenomenological view and hermeneutic method, this paper aims to examine the concepts of documentation, subjectivity, the receiver, and material artifacts, among six others, in relation to the gap between consulting and research communities. These concepts are discussed alongside multiple theories from social anthropology, including the prevailing ones of Kirsten Hastrups and interview methods from the book of authors Kvale and Brinkmann were also included to explore the topic.
The paper has not yet come to a final conclusion, but instead it attempts to identify and suggest the
similarities and differences in both approaches.

Keywords: Socio-anthropology, Business-anthropology, Polar Opposite concepts, Phenomenological, Fieldwork and Interview

Udgivelsesdato31 jul. 2018
Antal sider77
Udgivende institutionKøbenhavns Universitet


  • Business antropolog, Social antropolog


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