• Lars Svane Ballegaard
6. sem, Bachelor i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab
This paper seeks to develop a philosophical view concerning public library, establishing its identity. The concept of self-improvement in the German understanding, “Bildung” (as formed by H.G.Gadamer), is here seen as a de-finitive aspect of enlightenment, and views from different positions in the field are taken in to consider the actual impact literature and its intermediaries may have on this. Hereby tradition, generations and human identity, sub-sequently interaction, become concepts of bias, and it is detected that a broad range of agents in the field pose a threat (surely well-intentioned but perhaps somewhat rash) to the very idea that there is reason in this millennium too, for libraries to make an effort in urging/tempting people to read and in their very own way understand lite-rature to achieve self-improvement; to try to understand and live(!) life with surprise and inspiration to take risks and openly meet other views with interest and respect. - Ministerial regulations seem to reflect and intend this.
Udgivelsesdato7 aug. 2012
Antal sider37
Udgivende institutionIVA


  • Oplysning, Dannelse, Filosofi, Hermeneutik, Historicitet, Bestandsudvikling