• Sophie Amalie Eslund
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis is about the use of volunteers in the public libraries. My interpretation of the terms
“volunteer” and “volunteer work” are clarified. The purpose of the thesis is to study whether it’s an
opportunity for libraries or a necessity. To explore this, I examine the society conditions with a
historical and political angle. Theories about teamwork and the motivation of volunteers are
investigated, before a statistical view at the extent of volunteer work in Denmark is presented. Then
a look at how Danish public libraries use volunteers is explored with a exploration of the extent of
the use. A document analysis of three evaluation reports is performed and the three cases are
compared to each other. The study is then assessed against a number of quality criteria. In the
discussion I discuss the three cases in relation to both each other and the used theories.
In conclusion I find that during the last 15 years the focus on volunteer work has increased. The
politicians present volunteer work as a necessity in to uphold the standard of the welfare society.
The libraries role has changed and more have started to include volunteers for a big variety of tasks.
Some libraries use volunteers to add something extra, that would not otherwise be possible, and
others need the volunteers to keep the libraries open. The reasoning for the involvement of
volunteers is dependent on the libraries' local political and especially economic conditions. That
means that there are sometimes talk of using volunteers as an opportunity and sometimes as a
necessity. However both employees and volunteers are more positive case of using volunteers as an
Udgivelsesdato21 sep. 2015
Antal sider98
Udgivende institutionDet Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi, Københavns Universitet


  • frivillighed, frivillige, medborgerskab, folkebiblioteket, frivilligt arbejde, folkebiblioteker, biblioteksudvikling