Forventninger til fremtidige forandringer i biblioteksrummet

Studenteropgave: Erhvervsrelateret projekt

  • Mette Quist
Erhvervsrelaterede projekt, Bibliotekar DB
This project is about the users and the library expectations to the future arrangement inside the library design. But the focus is more on that question there are after their expectation are found, for are there some difference between their expectations or are they agree about what the inside of the library should look like?
I work together with the library Randers Hovedbibliotek and to find the answers to this question the project is all about, I have use three difference methods to collect the information with. The place I collect the information was Randers Hovedbibliotek. The results I found were on some points surprising to discover, but enough of that. I analyze the results in this rapport with the theory I already had collect and describe about users today and the library design. After that my conclusion is that Randers Hovedbibliotek knows their users very well and their design for the future arrangement in the room on Randers Hovedbibliotek live up to what they want and what their users wants.
Udgivelsesdato6 jan. 2015
Antal sider36
Udgivende institutionKøbenhavns Universitet, Humaniora, Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerRanders Bibliotek
Inge Müller


  • indretning, biblioteksrummet, forventninger