• Kristina Baceviciute
6. sem, Bachelor i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab
This project is based on analysisof communication between library and its users. In continuation of that there will be elements of communication analyzedin order to understand and illustrate just how complex process of communication really is. The importance of communication in the world in which we live today cannot be overrated, because effective communication it is essential for libraries in the process of transfer of information between libraries and customers, especially when the customer service it is the key word in the field. I will illustrate complexity of communication with help of models of communication by Drotner(2006) and Bahktin(2003) and with min own attempt to construct communications model out from analysis results.Projects take off is the analysis of chosen library and how good library satisfies its users requirements, in other words do library`s offers is a success amongst public.
Udgivelsesdato27 maj 2013
Antal sider35
Udgivende institutionKøbenhavns Universitet, Humaniora, Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi, Aalborg


  • Formidling, kommunikation, kommunikationsmodel