• Henrik Viking Hansen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This master's thesis revolves around the subject of cultural mediation, in relation to a Danish rhythmical music venue and student house in Aalborg called Studenterhuset. Analytically the thesis uses the case study as a framing device through a hermeneutic point of view, for a critically based review with a foundation in discourse theory and an intertextual approach. To support the underlying methods, a literature review is made of two central scientific researchers in the field of library and information science, in relation to cultural politics and cultural mediation. Furthermore, a historical overview of the city of Aalborg is made, in order to make way for an understanding of cultural institutional politics both in terms of the current state and municipal guidelines for the rhythmical music venues in Denmark. This leads to an analytically based critical view of the mediation tactics used by Studenterhuset in Aalborg, both on their website and on their social media profiles, with the support from a semantic analysis of an empirically transcribed discursive interview with a leading figure from Studenterhuset Aalborg. Armed with the knowledge from the analysis, a perspective is drawn to likeminded music venues in Aalborg, in order to facilitate a number of recommendations for the betterment of the mediation tactics in use by Studenterhuset Aalborg.