• Helle Mostgaard Larsen
  • Sidsel Line Nielsen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
A comparative study of cultural communication in museums in Denmark and Japan
Helle Mostgaard Larsen
SIdsel Line Nielsen
The aim of our thesis is to illustrate the differences and similarities between the cultural communication of the two museums; Tokyo National Museum in Japan and Moesgaard Museum in Denmark.
We will explain the museum history of Denmark and Japan and examine how the concept of cultural heritage has changed throughout the years in these two countries. We will be collecting empirical evidence through observations of the visitors at the museums and interviews with museum employees.
Through our observations, we can see that the kinds of cultural communication which take place in Tokyo National Museum are very traditional with objects in glass display cases, dimmed lighting and a formal atmosphere.
Moesgaard Museum uses a different way of showing their exhibitions with the use of scenery and sound effects. The museum has digital screens which visitors could use themselves and videos are shown all around the exhibitions.
Through our observations we furthermore found that the visitors were a lot more inclined to talk loudly at Moesgaard Museum as opposed to the visitors at Tokyo National Museum, who were requested to keep quiet so as to not disturb the other visitors.
Through interviews with museums employees we found out that the two museums also had contrasting attitudes towards the museum visitors. Tokyo National Museum found it challenging to cater to various age groups in the museum. For Moesgaard Museum it was the premise of the museum that every age group could visit and have a good experience.
The statistical analysis of our observation data showed that there were many adult visitors at both museums and that they were predominantly female.
In Tokyo National Museum there were many who visited the museum by themselves; something which is considered quite normal in Japan. We did not observe many of these types of visitors in Moesgaard Museum; instead we observed many visitors with family or friends.
Udgivelsesdato31 jul. 2018