• Sanna Stagaard Gade
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis is an empirical analysis of literature promotion in the Danish public libraries, and a
study into to the correlation between the physical and digital promotion.
I investigate how the literary promotion has evolved over the last 100 years. It has changed from
being of informative character, which focused on which books would inform and enlighten the
readers to a more neutral intermediary in the modern welfare library. Now, literature promotion
and thus the role of the librarian, is changing again.
In today's society there is a greater focus on experiences and reader development. One way of
doing this is to go back to the more personal form of promotions. Librarians are encouraged to
reveal more of themselves and their recommendations for fiction.
In the world surrounding the library, you can also detect several trends from the socalled
“Erlebnisgesellschaft”. Developments into literary promotion, has meant that the
promotion we now can see in the Danish public libraries are active, participative, creative and
multifaceted as never before.
Unfortunately, the study shows that the correlation between the digital and physical promotion
is not convincing. Although digital promotion is evolving, the emphasis still lies on the promotion
in the physical library. the libraries forget to think about creating a link between the two. This
correlation seemed to me, to be important in order to get the libraries two spheres to appear as
a single unit.
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  • skønlitteratur, oplevelsessamfund, litteraturformidling