• Kristine Christensen
  • Maja Hansen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
The thesis examines the information specialist and their role in the execution of a systematic review (SR) in the domain of medical science. The domains of medical and health science are domains that have been through a big formation with the rise of evidence-based medicine. Scientific literature and articles are being published with increasing numbers and this creates a need for reviews that synthesize this knowledge. In relation to this, the information specialist is experiencing an increased demand on their professional expertise in regards to systematic literature research. It is within this subject field that the thesis investigates to which extent, the involvement of an information specialist can influence the quality of the search strategy in a SR.
This is being examined through John Dewey’s pragmatic learning philosophy, theory about the domain-analytical approach to information science. Theory about evidence-based practice and systematic reviews will also be a part of the thesis’ main theory. The methods used in this thesis are based upon a mixed methods design where we use both quantitative and qualitative methods. We performed a document analysis of search strategies collected from SR performed by Ph.D.-students, conducted an observation of a seminar addressed to Ph.D.-students called ‘Improve your research’, made an interview with an information specialist and performed an online survey regarding how authors of published SR rate the rigor of the search methods used in locating studies for the SR. Our study showed that there was a positive correlation between the involvement of an information specialist and the quality of the search strategy in the SR. Search strategies performed by an information specialist had a higher level of comprehensiveness, transparency and reproducibility. Besides that, we found that the information specialist can be regarded as a co-creator of evidence-based knowledge depending on their role in the process with the SR.
Udgivelsesdato19 dec. 2018
Antal sider115


  • systematisk review, informationsvidenskabelige kompetencer, evidensbaseret viden, informationssøgning, sundhedsvidenskab