• Niels Peter Brandt-Henriksen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This Master’s thesis is about hymns and their context of cultural communication in The Danish National Church. Hymns contain elements of both preaching and cultural communication, and this thesis investigates each of those aspects. This is explored and analysed with the use of qualitative interviews with two ministers and two organists on the topic of cultural communication and how hymns have a community forming effect. This thesis investigates how the ministers and the organist use hymns in a form of practice, especially in context of participation of the churchgoers. It also investigates the relation between the individual churchgoer and the community in context of hymns.
Hans Raun Iversen describes the participation-paradigm in The Danish National Church as a new Christian view, which emphasizes how the human body and senses are activated and thus create experience of faith. In terms of participation, hymns are important to this paradigm as one of the clearest and activating forms of practice in The Danish National Church. Through participation, hymns create a community of churchgoers that has an uplifting effect on the individual churchgoer. It is important to work for participation and that the churchgoers sing in the church, because if they don’t, the community and the uplifting of the individual, won’t take place. Hymns both represent a cultural heritage that needs to be communicated to the public, and they shape the individual so that they might find their place in the greater whole of the community at-large.

Udgivelsesdato27 jul. 2018
Antal sider75
Udgivende institutionInstitut for informationsstudier