• Simon Lauge Petersen
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This paper intents to give an overview of a project in the public library of Gellerup
that focuses on the building of a community for boys of age 9-13. The public library
of Gellerup is experiencing a shortage of activities that appeal to the boys and
wishes to understand what they can do to support a community for them. This wish
ties in to the purpose of the library, as a place that promotes local citizenship. To
describe the benefits of such a community, theory of the library as the third place
and theory of social learning in a community of practice was introduced. The problem
was examined through the use of design thinking and events that could help build a
community was developed through this method. The events resolved around games,
more specifically FIFA, Playstation games and boardgames. Through the events,
observations were made, to get an idea of what was important for the community to
be established. The finding of these observations was that the children valued a
close relation to the participating adult, which gave way to both social learning and
establishing the library as “the third place”. An extensive knowledge of the material,
of which the event resolved, gave a lot of value to the community and helped in the
role as a guide for the children. There were some challenges in regard to the
timeframe in which the children were able to participate, because of long schooldays
and other activities, in which the children participated. The library staff were
encouraged to pick up on some of the most enthusiastic boys and do further work,
with frequent events, that focus on gaming.
The project concluded with a presentation for the library staff on the 14th of
December 2018, which included the points made in this abstract.
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