• Annemette Hasselstrøm
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This master’s thesis is about a new phenomenon in the Danish library development: self-service central libraries with extended hours and one day a week without staff. The self-service central libraries are made possible because of the development in self-ser-vice technology for libraries. The first Danish self-service central library opened in 2011 in Faxe.
The self-service central libraries are based on the success with sub-branch libraries which used self-service as a solution – a solution used in Denmark since 2007 that was given positive reviews by the users. Both types of self-service libraries solve two prob-lems in the Danish municipalities. First of all, despite budget cuts in the library sector, the municipalities are able to offer citizens an attractive library system and second, the self-service libraries give the users what they ask for – more flexible opening hours.
In an attempt to further examine and understand the new self-service central libraries, this thesis examines the following three questions. First, what characterizes the munici-palities and regions that the self-service central libraries are part of? Next, in the mu-nicipalities with the self-service central libraries, which opinions of culture and libraries underlie the municipal choice of this type of library? And finally, are the self-service central libraries a useful equivalent to the ’usual’ type of library both now and in the future?
The three questions are answered by looking at two cases from Jammerbugt and Langeland municipalities; two of the Danish municipalities that have chosen to have a self-service central library with a weekly day without staff. Furthermore, interviews with the managers of the libraries and the chairmen of the cultural committees in the two municipalities were conducted.
The thesis reaches the conclusion that self-service central libraries appear to be a solu-tion in the Danish library sector that has come to stay. Also, it was found that this type of library is a modern and up-to-date solution that does not have an influence on the libraries’ ability to fulfill their social tasks.
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  • Åbne biblioteker, Biblioteksløsninger , Selvbetjening, Danmark