• Charlotte Nielsen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
The modern public library function - between policy and practice The thesis is based on the difference between the political view of library functions and duties, and the perceptions that exist out in practice. The thesis statement "How does the modern Danish library system in practice differ from the culture ministry's view of the public library in 2010? looks at the debate on public libraries' function and development that occurred in recent years. The cultural theoretical analysis of this issue has a particular focus on education, both classical and informal education. The analysis is divided into three main areas: the culture ministry position, the public libraries in practice and a future perspective. The first area processes the Ministry of Culture's position on the library and the schism between the attitude and action of the Ministry. An attempt to explain the background of these positions is made based on institutional theory and the Conservative People's Party's cultural policy. Next a characteristic of the modern public library is made to describe their practices. Two case libraries were chosen, each of which reflects both the trends and developments within the library world. Multimediehuset in Aarhus, which in a few years will provide room for cultural activities and new forms of communication where the users are in the center. The project "The (almost) bookless children's library" at the children's library at the main library in Aalborg has created the opportunity of new and different activities in the library space. Both libraries have training and experience as some of their key objectives, and the media has been set for debate. The last area evolves around the future public libraries and how it is possible to strengthen their position as a cultural institution through branding and focusing on the complete user experience. The modern public libraries as seen today are really focused on both culture and experience. Users are at the center, and their wishes and requirements for the library is helping to shape the development. Despite the narrow political Cultural perception, libraries function as multicultural centers, where both digital and print media and a wide range of cultural activities help to strengthen user education.
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Udgivende institutionDanmarks Biblioteksskole


  • Kulturdebat, dannelse, oplevelse