• Sarah Marie Andersen
  • Terese Nørskov
6. sem, Bachelor i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab
This paper examines whether the partly staff-less public libraries are able to support the public libraries, as the third place. This is done from a user-oriented perspective. The investigation is partially based on two qualitative interviews with librarian staff and a survey with a total of 11 library users. The survey examined the means by which the library interior is able to comprehend the partly staffed-less public libraries as the third place. Furthermore this paper examines how to optimize the dissemination of professional knowledge from the staff to the library users during unmanned hours. The survey includes the users’ opinions towards the idea of partly staff-less public libraries, and whether they perceive and use the library as a communicative facility and social site.
This is mainly deduced by Oldenburg’s concept regarding the third place and by Gehl’s concept of the low-intensive social sites.
In addition we will divide and evaluate the users into the following three categories: The drive-in user, the workaholic and finally the library-enthusiast. These categories will be considered in context with the ideal users for the partly staff-less public libraries.
The corresponding discussion for this investigation will reflect on which rationalities of cultural politics should be implemented, as the objectives for desired achievements towards the institutional surroundings.
We conclude that the partly staff-less public libraries are able to provide activities as a third place, through the setup of the environmental interior of the library. In addition, this can be optimized further by providing the physical interior with a design that appears calm, accessible and as an attractive social site.
The conclusion provides suggestions to how the staff can share their knowledge with the users through placing proper written guidance in fairly visible areas during unmanned library hours.
Lastly, we were able to reveal an indication of satisfaction amongst most of the users in the survey.
Udgivelsesdato24 maj 2012
Antal sider109


  • åbne biblioteker, tredje sted