• Annika Leonora Dziemieszka
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This paper takes on the embedded Librarians role in the puplic school libraries after the danish Government, together with KL , had decided to make a new school reform. With new laws, and ideas about how to run the public school.
With this new reform the public school libraries are beeing redefined with a new law that says that everyone, with the right skills can work in the public school libraries, now called educational learning center.
The paper is looking at the possibility to have an educated librarian/Cand.scient.bibl. from the Royal School of library and Information Science. The paper looks at the skills that a Cand.scient.bibl. can offer the students, teachers, educators and the public school leaders. The paper also looks at the Danish society and how it is influencing the ways of teaching the students and using digital medias. The paper looks at theories that describes and discuss the embedded Librarian, digital medias and how to look at the publick school, as a small society. Influated by many contexts, that defines the schools ways of educating the students.
The paper concludes that it could be meaningfully for the publick schools to hire an educated cand.scient.bibl., but there got to be a description of the cand.scient.bibl.’s skills. Further more are there a gread need for a new digital didactics 2.0, that complements the digital medias and the use that they can have in different teaching situations. Where the cand.scient.bibl. can play an important role.

Udgivelsesdato5 jan. 2015
Antal sider92
Udgivende institutionDet Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi


  • Informationskompetence, videnformidler, folkeskole, literacy, medier