Den gode kundeoplevelse på Facebook

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt

  • Jais Evald Ikkala Jensen
6. sem, Bachelor i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab
Facebook and social medias provides the users of the media, the freedom to communicate outside of
time and space. Telenors customers on Facebook doesn't use Facebook because of Telenor, but to
maintain the existing network. Customers making use of Telenor's Facebook page for several
reasons. To sum it, it can be said that all customers have a clear understanding of what they can
expect from Telenor. Telenor has no way of controlling the interaction on the wall, yet it is possible
to have a dialogue with the customer who is the producer of the post.
It can be concluded that customers and Telenor basically agree on what service Telenor has to
provide, but that Telenor must adapt to the media. Its a power struggle between customers and
customers, which the customers so far has won, since Telenor has extended opening hours on
Udgivelsesdato27 maj 2013
Antal sider43


  • Sociale medier, Facebook, Diskursanalyse, remediering