• Dia Bækgaard Pedersen
  • Betina Nierhaus
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This graduate thesis title is: Computer games as assistance to teaching.
The topic for this graduate thesis is commercial computer games used to support college level teaching subjects. The thesis reviews the positions from the point of view of teachers, pupils, and parents. Theories are examined that can be used to underpin whether it is possible to use computer games in education. The theories are Jean Lave and Etienne Wengers Situated Learning and Knud Illeris development of Jean Piaget's theory of assimilation and accommodation. Roger Caillois's theory dealing with play and his four types of play are described briefly, and used to examine the elements of the commercial computer games which make them attractive for computer gamers.
In the end a teaching model is formed, some theoretical examples of how this teaching model can be implemented in practice are provided.
Udgivelsesdato1 jul. 2010
Antal sider80
Udgivende institutionIVA - København


  • computerspil, undervisning, læring