• Louise Tøt
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
The purpose of this thesis has been to study computer games as a social factor and how computer games can be used to create social and collective activities that bring people together.
As a key part to the assignment, Gentofte Bibliotekerne has been examined in regard to the efforts they make to facilitate social events revolving computer games.
To make an interesting approach to the study, a theoretical frame containing different perspectives on library events and computer games has been selected. Firstly, theory on reading circles and what constitute a successful reading circle has been studied. Secondly, theories on social side of comput-er games were necessary to include in order to examine how computer games can be applied to the practice of the reading circles. Further, theories on workshops were examined to gain a deeper un-derstanding of the roles of the participants in this regard. This was also an important factor to the actual workshop events that followed. The theoretical focus here were based on play and gaming as social events. The common ground for all these theories is the requirement for a participatory cul-ture.

With the theoretical frame set, we managed to arrange two types of social events revolving comput-er games at Gentofte Bibliotekerne, three in total: a review club and two workshops.
The review club was inspired by reading circles but instead of books, the focus were to review and talk about computer games. This event was highly based on the dialogue between the participants.
The two workshops concerned firstly the computer game Fornite and secondly the computer game production tool Coding Pirates. Our focus was to examine how social relations and interactions were created through the use of the computer game media. We also examined how Gentofte
Bibliotekerne functioned as facilitator for these events and what role they would play in regards to fulfil the social potential of computer games.

Through these events, we found that computer games can create social communities and relations between gamers and participants in many ways. We also found that Gentofte Bibliotekerne acted as a facilitator for the social events, and thereby they become important assets to the local communi-ties and areas where the libraries reside.
Udgivelsesdato27 jul. 2018
Antal sider113
Udgivende institutionINF


  • computerspil, fællesskaber, socialisering , social platform, kompetenceudvikling