• Louise Skovgaard Ryhl
  • Christina Pryning Jensen
6. sem, Bachelor i Biblioteks- og informationsvidenskab
In this assignment we study correlations between scientific articles and their references. The study is related to bibliometrics and uses the method citationsanalysis. It consists of an empirical and a theoretical part. The empirical part consists of 45 selected articles and is performed in Dialog database 7, 34 and 439.
With results from the co-citationanalysis we explore the differences between three selected fields within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. We analyze and discuss these results in the light of theory and concepts related to citer motivations, genre analysis, and general differences in research fields. And we determine whether these results can be used to assess the relevance of the references to the citing article. Our main purpose is to clarify tendencies and differences within the fields.
Udgivelsesdato24 maj 2011
Antal sider65
Udgivende institutionDet Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi


  • citationsanalyse, citationsadfærd, bibliometri, genreteori, fagdiscipliner