• Annika Sehested Olsen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
This thesis investigates the overall understanding of the usability of Mediestream, by combining a usability and an interactive information retrieval (IIR) study. Mediestream is a database containing the Royal Danish Library’s digital collections of Danish cultural heritage. The study focuses on one of Mediestream’s target groups, which is family history researchers. The thesis employs a lot of different methods to get a full picture of Mediestream’s usability, which includes a usability test, observation and logging of search interactions, and short interviews. An analysis of the usability aspects effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction, and the identification of several usability problems, shows that the usability of Mediestream can be improved. Knowledge from the IIR study about the target group’s search behaviour is applied in the severity assessment of the usability problems. The thesis concludes that the combination of the two studies contributes to a better understanding of the usability of Mediestream, and the analysis results in several recommendations for improvement.


  • brugertest, usability studie, IIR studie, Interactive information retrieval study, Mediestream, brugervenlighed, søgeadfærd, slægtsforskere