• Louise Lindhardt Jakobsen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
The digitization of the public sector in Denmark, means that the citizens in the future have to get used to communicate with the public sector in a new and different way. It also means that the public digital solutions have to be able to communicate to a lot of different type of users. It is essential for a successful digitization of the public sector that the webpage Borger.dk will manage to communicate to all its different users. The study investigates how the sender's intentions are reflected in the visual communication on Borger.dk, and which visual strengths and weaknesses compared to the sender's intentions can be identified on the webpage. And last, how the visual communication on Borger.dk meets the requirements of users with different IT skills. The analysis of the visual communication on Borger.dk was made based on the theory of Lisbeth Thorlacius visual communication model. The senders intentions have been analyzed on the basis of different public digitization strategies. The analysis shows that there are a number of contradictions embedded in the sender's intentions, and Borger.dks function as the overall public webpage. It is concluded that the sender's intentions for the webpage Borger.dk is achieved by balancing between the embedded contradictions. The sender achieves to appear both friendly and as an authority by combining formal and informal visual elements on the webpage. Borger.dk manages to communicate to many different type of users by using a visual design and layout that will appeal to the overall common taste. However this will automatically distance the type of users who does not share this taste or who cannot see themselves as a part of the group ”the middleclass Danes” that is shown in information movies on the webpage. If Borger.dks frontpage was made simpler and did not appear with so many information this would overall meet both the experienced and non-experienced web-users.
Udgivelsesdato1 aug. 2013
Antal sider105
Udgivende institutionIVA


  • Borger.dk, Thorlacius, offentlig digitalisering , visuel kommunikation