• Iben Vestergaard
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
In this thesis I take a diffractive approach to examine how Danish public libraries, as institutions of knowledge and enlightenment, can aid and support the realization of Open Data initiatives for citizens. By defining that the realization of Open Data pertains to fulfilling the potentials that Open Data initiatives inspire, and also that a realization is dependent on the citizens’ abilities to generate something meaningful out of data, I will explore how public libraries can meet these challenges. To apply a diffractive method of analysis I establish three apparatuses of concepts pertaining to 1) the Danish public libraries enactment of their role as an institution of enlightenment throughout history, 2) the potentials of Open Data; Transparency, innovation, participation and sustainability, and 3) a definition of basic data literacy skills. These conceptual apparatuses are applied to interviews with public library employees and managers about the current ways Danish public libraries enact the role as an institution of enlightenment. By the diffractive way of ‘reading insights through one another’ it is discovered that the Danish public libraries can support and aid the realization of Open Data by their specific ways of disseminating knowledge to the public, defined through 1) Dissemination based on presentness and a real world approach, 2) Including the citizens own knowledge as part of the citizens’ enlightenment process, and 3) Upskilling the citizens knowledge and skills while aiding the citizens own ideas and creativity, through innovative and interesting activities. By applying these strategies it is argued, that public libraries can help citizens gain more knowledge of Open Data and support the realization of Open Data. Through the analysis it is also exemplified, that by disseminating the public libraries own open datasets, citizens can gain valuable insights to data and the data literacy skills needed to understand and critically assess the impact data might have on our lives.
Udgivelsesdato1 aug. 2018