• Anette Dyrbye Heinrichson
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The Public Library of Randers has, since 2015 until now, experienced a decrease in visitors, without being able to identify specific reasons for this. Since they have not had a lot of focus on gathering information and knowledge about the patterns and behaviors of their users during this period, I have been asked by them to come up with suggestions on how they can gather information about their users, in order to start focusing on this, to change the development of the decrease in visitor numbers.
This paper gives an overview of my work, process and considerations connected to conducting a preliminary research for the library consisting of an analysis of the library with the purpose to identify potentials for the library to conduct its own research on user behavior. The most important findings of the analysis are 1) the need for the library to start building a useful and conscious knowledge base for future work, 2) suggestions on where to ask users about their needs and satisfaction regarding the library, 3) suggestions on where to conduct research about the users in order to improve dissemination and development of activities and services, and 4) how to use their physical position in Kulturhuset in Randers to enhance the potential of cooperation and synergy with the other two cultural institutions in the building.
The findings have been transformed into an inspirational catalogue useable for the library’s future work on the matter.
Udgivelsesdato1 jan. 2019
Antal sider20
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