• Signe Rasmussen
Speciale, Kandidatuddannelsen
Reviewing is a job like any other in the new paper business, but holds a great cultural value to the regular reader. The men and women have the job of writing a subjective, yet objective, opinion on a movie that has yet to be shown in theaters, and by doing so, cause their readers to watch said movies. As such, they hold great responsibility, not only to the movies, they review, but to the readers, all of which trust their review and their authority to review.
However, how exactly is a review made with the greatest possible success, both to the reviewer, the reader and the movie? Obviously, the reviewer needs time and practice, especially as they are often only shown the movie once, and has very little time to do their review, and even less space to put it on. They need to be loyal towards the movie and the imagery, but also to the readers that wants these opinions to read. They need to consider the cons and pros of the movie, but write them fluently and in a way, that the reader might find entertaining. And before all this, they need to make the decision on, which movies to review and which to ignore, both based on the interest of their readers and in a way, their own opinion of the movie. If a movie is reviewed, it is a hidden stamp of quality in and of itself, as the review will give the movie attention from the readers, whether the review is in the positives or the negatives.
As such, reviewers balance on the edge of knife, and not all of them do as well in this act as others.
Udgivelsesdato30 sep. 2013


  • anmeldelse, formidling, kultur, kulturjournalistik